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Sylvia Young Theatre School

Full Time School

Student Welfare & SEND


On entering the school, students find themselves part of a well developed, caring and supportive network designed to meet their personal, social and moral needs. The size of the school assists greatly in ensuring that each student receives a level of support and guidance which is not always possible in a larger school.

Coming to a new school can, for some, seem daunting. But, hopefully, not at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Each new student is introduced to two mentors, usually one student of a similar age and one older student, who are there to be a friendly face and offer help and guidance when needed. Students always comment on how good it is to recognise and know faces when walking around the school. We are proud that our students settle here very quickly.

There are approximately 250 students in the school from years 6 to 11.

Year 6 is one form of entry and usually contains between 10 & 12 students. Year 7 to 11 have two forms in each year with generally between 20 & 24 students in each form. Each form group has a dedicated academic tutor overseeing their welfare. Tutor time presents an opportunity for information and support to be given to the group or on a one-to-one basis.

Careers guidance at the school is provided in years 10 and 11. Students are encouraged to consider a variety of options before making a final decision.

At SYTS we take the care, support and mental health of our students seriously and have put in place systems to ensure students feel safe, secure and supported throughout their time with us.


Every Tuesday and Friday Lunchtimes YourSpace is based Wellbeing room. A confidential drop in for students to come and speak without fear, favour or judgment to a member of staff trained in mental health first aid and a full-time teacher with many years experience. 

Peer Mediators 

Fully trained students who can facilitate restorative conversations/peer issues. Students can approach Peer Mediators or they can be referred by a member of staff. A place where students can feel safe and valued.  

School Nurse

Our experienced school nurse is there to identify, monitor and support with the physical and mental health of the students. All students at SYTS have a personalised medical document that ensures that their needs are identified and academic and vocational staff are able to access the relevant information. 

SEND Department 

SYTS ensures students who are identified as requiring further support are given the tools they need to access the curriculum. We offer in-class support  and some withdrawal sessions are available for students to work in small groups with our SEN teacher, depending on the need of the student. 

KS4  Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps build individual mental health and wellbeing through positive, pre-emptive tools.  The successful integration of mindfulness practice into daily life helps to strengthen the skills and strategies that students can take with them into adulthood.The course we follow is from the non-profit organisation Smiling Mind, our sessions are adapted for 14-16 year olds . We run 10 week mindfulness programmes throughout the year.


Students have weekly lessons in PSHCE and frequent drop in mornings throughout the academic year. 

Pastoral Hub

Staff can refer students to our Pastoral Hub which meets fortnightly to address pastoral areas of the school. This can include: academic, vocational, health and wellbeing, SEN, safeguarding. 

Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Students and parents can speak with our DSL and Deputy DSL if they feel unable to cope. We can put in place specific support programmes and also have links with external agencies who work with families who are finding certain areas difficult to manage. 

Relationship & Sex Education

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Our policy is not to treat disabled students less favourably and to take reasonable steps to avoid putting disabled students at a disadvantage by making reasonable adjustments in matters of admission and education.

However, it needs to be stated that there is a clear process of selection, our audition process, which is open to all students who wish to apply for either a fee-paying place or a scholarship place.

There is a section on the application form which asks parents to state whether their child has a special learning need and would therefore be considered to have a disability.  This information is used to ensure that, as part of the audition process, full attention is given to that child’s need and any reasonable adjustment is made to accommodate it.

Should it become apparent that it may be beneficial to discuss a student’s learning need or other disability prior to the audition process taking place, the parents/guardians and the child would be invited to the school to meet the Senco.  Such a meeting would allow the child’s needs to be discussed and to ascertain whether reasonable adjustments could be made to accommodate their need and whether the school and the education it offers would be a suitable choice for the child should they pass the audition process and be offered a place.

We do our very best to treat each case on its individual merits and to guide and advise accordingly.

If a child demonstrates a potential talent in the performing arts we are committed to enabling that child to develop that talent.